ROSSOWOLF Licensing Department - business opportunities
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Founded by Gabriele Ferrari and Alessandro Trenti, ROSSOWOLF is synonym of passion, style, high performance, and cutting edge technology.

All ROSSOWOLF products stand out for their italian style and quality.

ROSSOWOLF Licensing Department

If you are a manufacturer or company interested in producing licensed products bearing the registered trademarks of ROSSOWOLF, please review the instructions and the Licensee Application below.


If you have further questions, please e-mail

Licensee Application Instructions

Dear Prospective Licensee:


ROSSOWOLF Licensing Department is responsible to pursue and review business opportunities with companies that have the expertise and resources to provide product that will enhance the ROSSOWOLF experience.


Our brand is one of our most valued assets. We continuously look to bring the right product mix to market while protecting and preserving the integrity of the ROSSOWOLF brand. To do this, we carefully review and consider licensees based on the following main criteria:

  • Meets or exceeds our labor laws, safe and barrier free work environments, etc.
  • Financially positioned to endure the term of the Licensed Agreement
  • In-house art, product development, quality control, accounting, and logistic departments that meet or exceed our expectations

ROSSOWOLF Brand Protection

ROSSOWOLF is committed to protecting its customers from being duped by fakes and its famous and valuable trademarks from being used in misleading or unauthorized ways.


If you have a question about whether something you’re getting ready to buy online is real or fake; wish to report someone using our “WOLF” logo (or any other trademark) without permission; or have questions about how ROSSOWOLF’s trademarks can and cannot be used by others, please send an e-mail to .