Italia76 gather the best of Italian style in brand ROSSOWOLF
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International trade company

Italia76 is a company of international repute, with the target to be a  symbol of Italian style in the world. With over 40 years of experience  through two generation, it is a flexible partner able to offer competitive  products and services. We gather the essence of the Italian style in our  brand ROSSOWOLF : purity, elegance and innovation, opening up new horizons.


Professionals of international standing in team management, capable of  networking throughout the world, our activities focus on marketing, design,  scouting and all about the production and distribution of unique products in  different fields; mainly in small domestic appliances and housewares.


We are a wealth of multidisciplinary experiences, of international  relations, of expertise, reputation and know-how. The perfect blend of  entrepreneurial skills and taste. With an unquenchable appetite for facing  great challenges.


Great experience in internationalization and localization of enterprises and products.

Import / Export outsourcing

Including sourcing (Italy, Hong Kong, China, Korea and Taiwan), negotiations, audits, quality inspections.

SDA Experience

Having over 18 years experience in the small domestic appliance industry, we are strongly experts in the field.

Brand development

We manage to develop and deliver brand implementation services through exceptional customer service.

Range of products

Includes (but is not limited to) electric appliances, houseware and food, with an highlight on Made in Italy high quality products.

Custom services

We differentiate our services to our clients in order to be able to serve their needs better than a more generic competitor.